SEVEN things you did not know about Christmas in Wales!

7 December 2014

1) In Wales we purchase 800,000 turkeys at Christmas, weighing 2,500 tonnes. We will throw away 160,000 of these turkeys each year.

Santa Claus, Christmas, Tractor, Recycling

 This is the same weight as 350 tractors or 30,000 Santa’s!

2) The Royal Mail will deliver 150 million cards every day over the Christmas period.

1 billion cards will end up in landfill sites.*

Christmas Card, Recycling

 This is the equivalent of 17 cards for every man, woman and child in Wales.

3) 400,000 Christmas Trees are purchased every year in Wales, generating a whopping 8,000 tonnes of rubbish.

Reindeer, Christmas

This is the same weight as 25,000 reindeers.

4) 4,500 tonnes of tin foil will be thrown out over the festive period.*

Wales flag

This is enough foil to cover 20% of Wales!

5) 50,000 trees will be cut down to make 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper.


 This is around the weight of 40 Blue Whales.

6) 5 million Christmas puddings are thrown away at Christmas.


This would be enough to provide the 1,255 households classed as homeless in Wales with nearly 4,000 puddings each.

7) 13,350 tonnes of glass is thrown out, including alcohol bottles and sauce jars.


Recycling these could save 4,200 tonnes of CO2 equivalent being produced – enough to take 1,300 cars off the road each year.

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(Source: Recycle Wales. Data taken from WRAP 2007, The Ecologist 2012, Unilever 2012)

(*- UK Wide Figure)

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