Outstanding Victory for the Rhondda at the Swim Wales No Time Gala!

15 April 2014

It was a weekend of superlatives for Rhondda swimmers at the Swim Wales No Time Gala with a clutch of wins including nine gold, three silver and five bronze medals won out of 43 races.

Sixteen swimmers entered the competition at the Newport meet on the 5th and 6th of April which was the biggest Rhondda Swimming Club contingent at a meet for some time.

In the long swims Keenan Napper and Luke Jones both beat the standing club record for the 1500-metre freestyle in the same race, with Keenan finishing on 19m58secs, 50 seconds faster than the 1999 record.


"They all did really well and had a fun time at the meet "

“They all did really well and had a fun time at the meet “


For the girls, Branwen Draper finished third overall in the 800-metre freestyle while Kaycee Napper ending ninth.

However, Kaycee Napper then went on to win the gold in the 100-metre back stroke and breast stroke, with Harriet Millard and Branwen Draper also finishing first overall in 100-metre back stroke and 100-metre butterfly in their respective age groups.

Brandon Rees notched up gold in the 100-metre freestyle, 200-metre breast and 200-metre back stroke, and took third in the 200-metre butterfly.

Dominic Rees beat his screw kick to take first place in the 100-metre breast stroke, while Finlay Jones finished second overall in the 200-metre individual medley, achievements that put smiles on both of the boys’ faces.

In the last swim of the meet – the girls’ 200-metre individual medley – the three Rhondda girls (Olivia Jones, Kaycee Napper and Branwen Draper) all took first place in their respective age groups.

Thomas Williams won third in the 100-metre back stroke in his age group and gained useful times for the 200-metre freestyle and 100-metre breast stroke.

Morgan Withey, Tyann Rees and Garyn Rees all picked up times in new events for the first time which will open up events to them in future meets.

The technique of the Rhondda swimmers was spot on with only one disqualification for the meet.

Head Coach Craig Napper said: “They all did really well and had a fun time at the meet and these achievements will open doors to other meets.”

Swimmers interested in joining this growing club should visit http://www.rhondda-swimming-club.org.uk/.

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