Five of my favourite: Rhondda Views

16 March 2015

It’s no secret that here at Rhondda People we love where we live.

We love to be out and about in the local countryside, taking in the views that surround us. However, since starting on the Rhondda People project, we’re coming across more and more beautiful images of our valleys being shared on social media. 

Our Deputy Editor, Sadye, caught up with PhD student Rob Palmer from Tonypandy, to find out about something he’s been working on: 

“Taking photos of our valley has become a recent hobby of mine. Over the past couple of months I have made this a small project; and although I’m very much a beginner in photography, I’m enjoying learning just what is possible and what my little camera can do!

Like many I’m sure, I think I took the place where I grew up for granted, not realising what was here, really. But now, having been to a number of destinations around the world, and having lived and studied in Aberystwyth and Swansea for the past few years, I’ve come to realise just what we have here in the Rhondda, on our very doorstep.

Apart from some iconic Rhondda landmarks (such as the Heritage Park in Trehafod), there are also some great walks with mountain views, picturesque churches and chapels, and rustic valley streets – all of which I’d like to capture on my small, portable camera.

I really enjoy going for a walk somewhere local on a Saturday or Sunday morning, camera in hand, trying to find something new to take a photo of.”

Here are 5 of Rob’s favourite photos.

Heritage Park, Trehafod – Taken on a cold Sunday evening. I wanted to capture the car light trails with the old winding gear, which is lit up well against the dark background. A classic image of the Rhondda!

Rob Palmer's Photography Rhondda Heritage Park


Red Berries, Clydach Lakes – Taken just before the new year on a fresh winter’s morning. The berries really stood out as I walked past, against the dark, frosty woodland.

Rob Palmer's Photography Rhondda Red Berries Clydach

Looking down over Rhondda Fawr (Penpych) – Taken on a clear sunny day after fresh snowfall on the mountains. I like this as it reminds me of the nice views we have in the valley, not far from the hustle and bustle of the villages below. A cracking view!

Rob Palmer's Photography Rhondda fawr PenPych View


Penpych Waterfall – Taken on the same day as the previous photo. This highlights how clear, sunny and tranquil that day was on the short walk up the mountain. What Sunday mornings are made for!

Rob Palmer's Photography Rhondda fawr PenPych waterfall View

My Street, Penygraig – I like this photo as it represents a typical valleys street, and reminds me of home! (I was very lucky not to get any parked cars in that day as the road was being resurfaced!)

Rob Palmer's Photography Rhondda Penygraig street


“I know I have a lot more of the Rhondda to snap, and I’m pretty sure there are a few gems out there that I don’t yet know about.”

we cant wait to see them!

Catch more of Rob’s images here:

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Paul Powell says:

Really lovely images