Fernhill Colliery Redevelopment Consultation Meeting Tonight.

29 May 2014

There will be an informal public consultation meeting tonight on the redevelopment of the old Fernhill colliery site in Blaenrhondda.

The meeting has been organised to provide the community with an opportunity to voice their opinions and views on the proposals that have been put forward already.

It is thought that these development proposals could create over 100 new jobs for local people in Blaenrhondda.

Some of these proposals include;

• A construction of an aquaponics farm, producing fresh local fish, salads, fruit & flowers and a food processing facility.

• Renewable energy power generation plant.

• A community farm.

• 200+ new high energy efficient homes.

• A community plaza consisting of;

> Apartments.
> Shops and Farmers Market.
> Offices and Business Hub.
> A New Medical Centre.
> A New bypass road for Brookes St. & Blaenrhondda Rd.

Fernhill colliery which shut in 1978 used to be home to the residents of Caroline Street, somewhere where many of my own family members grew up including my grandfather Graham Mears who lived there from 1939-1967.

My Granmother and Grandfather who lived on Fernhill Colliery Site.

My Granmother and Grandfather who lived on Fernhill Colliery Site.

The street which was located on the site of the colliery was a place that had tragedy deeply rooted in its history. My Grandfather recalls the amount of surface workers that were often killed in the pits and were carried down the 51 house street. And the fire of Caroline Street which burnt 3 houses down and killed 2 people. He also recalls a little boy of 14 who was accidentally shot on the site.

He said;

‘Caroline Street was a happy place to live, everyone knew everyone, there was only 51 houses in the whole street. But that place has some tragic memories, especially because of the pits, where my father and my grandfather used to work. I remember my father’s sister was burnt to death in a fire there too’.

‘But it’s where I grew up and I wouldn’t change that for the world, I feel like that place is a part of me and it holds a special place in mine and my families heart. I think I would like to see new affordable houses built there, because young people in the Rhondda are finding it hard to buy houses today.’

The site was also developed into ‘Western World’ a tourist attraction which opened in 1987 but unfortunately was short-lived.

In attendance to hear your views and answer any questions will be;
• Peter Lane (FCRRC Ltd)
• Dr. Jack James (Head of Aquaponics Group. FCRC Ltd)
• Simon McWhirter (Director of Hab Housing)
• Ed Green (Chief Architect at Pentan, Cardiff)

If you would like to attend this meeting it is being held tonight at 7pm at Blaenrhondda Social Club (The Top Club).

Let us know your views on Twitter or Facebook or alternatively
email me your views at tyler@rhonddapeople.com.

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Personally, anything that’s going to bring jobs and good things to the area is ok with me.

There’s far too much being closed in the valleys these days. I live in Swansea now and when I visit my relatives I get very sad that the area is so run down!