Communities Join Forces to Campaign for Safer Roads

22 March 2015

Older people in Ystrad and Pentre are behind an innovative road safety campaign which they hope will make the roads and pavements safer for all age groups.

Elderly residents at sheltered housing recently voiced fears for their safety when crossing the main road outside the complexes.

Llys Ben Bowen Thomas in Ystrad and Llys Nazareth in Pentre confided in local charity, Age Connects Morgannwg and South Wales Police that drivers are speeding and not stopping at the Pelican crossings along the main road through the area.

More worryingly, drivers are often not waiting for people to cross the road safely on pedestrian crossings.

Jan Bridgeman, Scheme Manager at Llys Ben Bowen Thomas, said: “Our residents are worried about their safety on the roads in the area.

“They have seen a number of near misses in recent years and they have told us that they feel very vulnerable when crossing the road.”

Commenting on behalf of Age Connects Morgannwg, Shelley Bird, who is leading the campaign, said: “This issue needs to be urgently addressed, not only to avoid anyone being injured but also to restore confidence in the older residents to feel that they can safely leave their complex to engage in the community and not become isolated.

“This is why various groups and Agencies have come together to formulate an Intergenerational Community Road Safety Campaign in the Ystrad and Pentre areas of The Rhondda.

“The campaign aims to address the specific issues of speeding and failing to stop at Pelican Crossings on the A4058 and will run over a week period beginning Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March with activities taking place each day”.

Shelley Bird went on to say: “I would like to express my thanks to PCSO’s Cherylin Pryor and Stacey Bolton who have been helping co-ordinate the campaign, The Rhondda 50+ Forum, Communities First, RCTCBC, as well as local schools and businesses, and all other supporting groups and agencies, such as Wales and West Housing.”

Sarah Manners from Wales & West Housing said: “The safety of all in the area must be a priority, especially elderly people, children and young people. Wales & West Housing is pleased to be able to sponsor this initiative and we hope it will help to bring about a real improvement in driver behaviour in this area, and beyond.”

To find out more and support this road safety campaign, please contact Shelley Bird, Breakthrough Project Coordinator at Age Connects Morgannwg on 01443 490650.

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