Arts Council of Wales Funding Decisions Announced

10 December 2014

Arts Council of Wales has announced the funding it will be allocating to its portfolio of key arts organisations in 2015/16 will be less than the previous year.

The decisions follow budget announcements from the Welsh Government in which it was announced that the Arts Council must find cuts in its funding for 2015/16 budget of just under £1million (a reduction of just over -3% on the level of funding received in 2014/15).

Following a Council meeting held on Friday, 5 December, Arts Council of Wales agreed an across the board reduction in revenue funding to all the organisations within its portfolio. However, by adjusting spending plans in other areas Council has been able to limit the cut to -2.1%, rather than the full amount of the Welsh Government reduction.

Since 2010 Welsh Government funding has reduced by -10%. In the face of these cuts the Arts Council has sought to protect front‑line activity by reducing grant‑in‑aid investment in other development programmes and the Arts Council’s own administration, making a -14% cut in running costs over three years.

A list of the revenue funded organisations is available here: RFO

Professor Dai Smith, Chair, Arts Council of Wales said:

“Everyone knows that we’re still in the grip of very real economic austerity, and the arts in Wales are not immune from the squeeze on public funding. Nevertheless, these have been very difficult decisions to take. The portfolio of organisations that we fund provides opportunities for people right across Wales, in all walks of life, to enjoy and take part in the arts. And although we’ve done what we can to protect them from the full force of next year’s cut in government funding, the cumulative impact of year on year reductions will be very challenging.”

The 2015/16 portfolio funding marks the fifth and final year in the current funding cycle. So Council also announced on Friday that it will be undertaking a detailed Investment Review during 2015 which will decide the shape and membership of the future revenue portfolio.

Prof. Smith said:

“The public rightly demands that the organisations that it funds offer quality, excellence and value for money. The Arts Council is fully committed to public value, and the Investment Review that we have launched will enable us to ensure that the people of Wales will continue to have access to the very best arts that Wales can offer.”

The outcome of the Investment Review will be known in December 2015.

Info sourced from: Arts Wales website

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